By the Hackers. For the Hackers.

Spring 2020



Sponsors and Partners

Huge shoutout to all of our sponsors and partners for making this event possible! That being said, we're always looking for more companies to team up with.

Hackathon Resources

Everything you need to know to go into ProHacks prepared.

The Team

ProHacks wouldn't be possible if it weren't for these guys!

Why in Ben Affleck's Name Should You Come to ProHacks?

Hackathons are meant to be fun. They're meant to be a place where you can unwind. Hackathons are supposed to be where you can yell the strength out of your throats when Firebase doesn't work, start dancing all over the floor when you finally fix that pesky bug, and cringe while Pradyun, the head organizer, stands on the podium and makes really horrible jokes that only a 40-year old dad would laugh at. He'll also be that guy that running around the venue like a madman 24/7. The ProHacks team are firm believers in that. Either way, the enthusiasm that the team brings to the table is reason enough to come to ProHacks. If you need an extra incentive, at some point our head organizer will be riding a cart while throwing random snacks at teams. Let's be honest, you want to see that.

What Do You Want To Make?

Nowadays, hackathons are rampant with negative influences. Whether it be cheating, bad judging, horrible mentors, or an uncomfortable venue, it's hard to perform your best at hackathons lately. That's where we come in. After months of attending various hackathons and surveying the attendees, we're ready to present a hackathon that allows the competitve coder in you to roam free.

A Code-Friendly Environment

ProHacks is bustling with organizers and mentors experienced in the computer sciences, whether it be machine learning or web development. Our team is there around the clock to make sure that the Pro Hackers are never lost in their code.

Secure Submissions

Unlike other hackathons, here at ProHacks, we have a group of volunteers at the ready checking people's code every 2 hours on GitHub, with participants required to submit commits to their code on a per hour basis. Despite its inconveniences, this way we can assure that everybody has a fair shot.


From the coding range to the food options, we've gone out of our way to ensure that every Pro Hacker has the best experience possible, and that all starts with a wide variety of options to choose from. Here at ProHacks, you can, hopefully, find what you like in the food, and make what you want in the code.

Hacker Resources

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, we're able to set every Pro Hacker up with some great resources to make their code that much better, and their experience that much smoother. In addition to that, we will be providing some miscellaneous resources for Pro Hackers to accelerate their development. More details will be released as organization progresses.

Bringing the Coding Community Closer Together

Although there's a lot of competition in the technology industry, we're all colleagues at heart, with the same passion for computer science burning inside of us. ProHacks has many events to bring our community closer together, from the ping pong and Tetris tournament, to a friendly game of capture the flag.

Great Prizes!

Although it won't be confirmed until the day of the actual hackathon, we have some really great prizes planned out for all of the Pro Hackers. We'll have some swag for everyone, but for those of you who go above and beyond, and really blow our minds? We've got something special in store for you.

Educational Opportunities

Hackathons can be insanely educational. Kids that go into hackathons without knowing how to code, when of the right mindset, walk out with a rather comprehensive knowledge of basic coding. If you are an educational organization or club with the intention of sending students to ProHacks to learn basic coding, please submit a form below outlining your intentions, the number of people you would be bringing, etc. By doing so, any applicants whose name you submit will be prioritized in the application process. If that doesn't seem very well suited to you, we are also looking for volunteer groups to help out, so if you are involved with your school's CSF or some other volunteering program, we'd love to work out some sort of partnership.

Get in touch with us!

Do you have a question about this event? Anything oddly confusing to you? Or maybe you just want to tell us about how hyped you are for this hackathon. No matter what the reason, we're here for you. Hit us up at any of the media listed below, or just fill out the form!